Finding Creativity in Fields of Purpose

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I have struggled  with being creative or I should say there have been moments in the past where I refused to think of myself as a person who could be creative enough to make an impact. So I can empathize with you if you don’t feel you are creative enough to influence people the way God has wired you to. And the truth is that there are just some days where we feel like we have nothing to offer.Maybe that someday is today.If it is, then I pray that the poem below, one of my all-time favorites, will direct you to change your perspective on creativity and offer assistance to this problem through one very key application.I am hopeful that it will minster to your soul as you face the day.



Finding Creativity in Fields of Purpose

Creativity is absent from the mind,

No direction to give your dreams,

All that you do is pointless it seems.

Your emotions want to give in

Creativity failing,

While others around you seem to always win.

The issue is not winning or losing

But, the thought that you can’t dream creatively  is so defusing.

The reality that the faculties of your mind

can’t string together an idea worth your time,

isn’t an enjoyable feeling, but in this  find:

Lacking creativity will always have us flustered

Once our purpose to live for Christ has lost it’s luster.

God has ordained, and in the heart he has ingrained, to each the ability to create.

Some sing, some write , some dance, some paint

Some mold, some fix, some design and some refine

We create things all the time

But here is where we make the mistake:

We have found purpose in what we create

Instead we should find creativity through our purpose to live for Christ sake.

Fields of purpose  have one aim;Jesus

For the creatively depleted

True Creativity is found when the purpose for the creation  is Jesus.

How does it look for a person to grow in creativity as they grow in purposefully living for Jesus ? Is it possible? Why or why not?